King Lion - Dave Fytelson Directors 1st Year
1st Vice President - Joe Scarry Mike LaTorre
2nd Vice President - Dave Barthold Craig Marra
Secretary/Treasurer - Jim Zumbano Ron Whiting
Recording Secretary - Rick Vander Wende Directors 2nd Year
Lion Tamer - Ed Sherman Jeff Byrne
Tail Twister - Gregor Bjork Mark Stahl
Jack DeWitt

Waldwick Lions Club

The Lions Club of Waldwick was established in 1955 by 33 men with ties to the Borough. In doing so these residents and business owners committed themselves to do as much as they could to help meet the needs of the community, with a special emphasis on those who are blind or otherwise visually impaired.

Since then, the club has raised almost $2.5million, almost all of it used to support services for the blind in the region, or to help individuals needing assistance. The Club also helped fund additions to the Waldwick Public Library, built the community Health Center on Wyckoff Avenue, and sponsored the building of the children’s playground in Borough Park in1992.

Most importantly those men set a standard of commitment to serve that is still carried on by 35men–and one woman! Yes, the Lions Club is open to all who wish to serve.

Meet the members of the Waldwick Lions Club who proudly serve the community of Waldwick.

Waldwick Lions Club

P.O. Box 156, Waldwick, NJ 07463


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General Membership

Rich Alfieri Bob Lion
Rich Andrychewicz Dave Marino
Dave Barthold Craig Marra
Greg Bjork Bob Occhipinti
Jeff Byme Samatha Price
Drew Churchson Tom Price
Tim Courtney Randy Reveley
Kevin Cunningham Joe Scarry
Joe Davis Ed Sherman
Alejandro De Rojas Tony Sciortino
Jack DeWitt Mark Stahl
Jeff Carney Pat Stevens
Jay Edmonds John Stiles
Michael Fanning Jim Toolen
Dave Fytelson Rick Vander Wende
Mike La Torre Ron Whiting
John Leonti Jim Zumbano

About Us

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